CSS Food Manufacture

About Us

CSS Food Manufacture Sdn Bhd (formerly known as MHIA International Foods Sdn Bhd) a wholly owned subsidiary of CSS Group, whom diversified its businesses to food manufacturing and specializing in confectionery Halal products such as puddings, jellies, snow ices, etc. Its products are certified by MS 1500 for Halal Food and JAKIM Manual Procedure as its general reference.

The quality control begins from the supply of all raw materials. Audit is carried out by a team of food technologists to ensure food safety, quality systems, packaging facility, distribution and transportation to reach every inch of our market.

Our Policies



Delivering consistently hygienic, high quality and safe food products to the general public. Ensuring all food products must be manufactured using ingredients that are physically, chemically and biologically safe for human consumption.


Delivering consistently hygienic, high quality, safe food and halal products to meet the need of Muslim consumer. Ensuring all halal products must be manufactured using halal and clean ingredients to ensures compliance with MS 1500.