CSSGOC Staff Appreciation Night 2019

Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Mr. Stefano Clini

Sales Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Mr. Gary Tan

General Manager of JT International Malaysia, Mr. Cormac O’Rourke

Sales Director of JT International Malaysia, Mr. Michael Teau

Representatives from Carlsberg Malaysia

Representatives from JT International Malaysia

Directors and staffs of Chua Song Seng Group of Companies and
Chua Lai Huat Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

A very Great Evening!

First and foremost, let us welcome Mr. Clini and Mr. O’rourke and
their team with a great round of applause. Their arrival have make
tonight celebration memorable one and it mean a lot to us. It showed
that they are value our services and partnership. We truly appreciate
it; however we should not take this for granted. In fact we need to put
in more efforts and work closely with them to develop Malaysia’s
market and create greater result.

I always say that; we are playing the role of a bridge in between
manufacturer and consumer. We can only create a “TRIPLE WIN”
result by working closely and good collaboration. Our group has a
clear core value and vision. I always share this with my staffs that, we
are all in the same boat, rowing towards a direction, we can only
reach our destination by rowing together in same direction. If you are
not willing to put in your effort, not willing to cooperate with
company policy, please leave the boat, don’t sabotage our team.

We can only growth together by being integrity and sincerity both
management team and staffs. This will build a great team spirit.

We are celebrating 80th anniversary this year. I would like to express
my gratitude to my staffs both past and present. Thank you for your
contribution and hard work. And I really appreciate the opportunity
and support given by principals. Without you all, we will not be here.
And I would like to take this opportunity to thank our companies
management team for organize this dinner, let our staffs from all over
Malaysia can get together. Once again I would like to thank you
Carlsberg Malaysia’s Team and JTI Malaysia’s Team to be with us
tonight. If there is any shortcoming or inconvenience caused, please
accept my sincere apology.

At last I’ll like to wish everyone to stay healthy, great success in
business, all the best and peaceful and harmony.

Thank you.