CSSGOC 80th Anniversary

Established 80 years ago, Chua Song Seng Group of Companies (CSS Group) has undoubtedly claimed a significant spot in Malaysia’s history. It has witnessed Malaysia’s economic transformation and contributed enormously to the country’s development since independence more than 60 years ago.

The Group have been through ups and downs in the past 80 years. The Group has transformed from a humble sundry shop to be a reputable wholesaler of tobacco and alcohol products. We witnessed all the crucial historical developments of the country including the British colonization, the Japanese occupation, the independence of Malaysia, Malaysia’s major flash floods, the first financial crisis in the 1980s, the birth of national car Proton, the dynamic economic growth in the 1990s as well as the new Alliance of Hope government. The Group also survived a fire and weathered the storm of the second financial crisis in 1997.

Tobacco and alcohol have been regarded as a reflection of the common folks’ spending power. It is also an alternative yardstick for common folks to measure the health of the economy. Therefore, the Group’s progress has also been seen as the thermometer of Malaysia’s market, witnessing the rise and fall of the economy as well as the evolution of the market. As a member of the community who share a common destiny, the Group also acts in concert with the government’s policies and responses in accordance with the entire social and economic environment.

CSS Group believes that it should feel the pulse of the market, understand the need of common folks and cooperate with the government. This is because we always believe that we should not be solely profit-oriented, but must be responsible to consumers and contribute to the economic development of Malaysia. The Group have been actively participating in the country’s social development which is the main reason why the Group is still standing after facing numerous challenges in the past 80 years.

Today, the Group has earned itself a strong position in the market and is moving forward, diversifying its businesses. The Group would like to take this opportunity to express its deepest appreciation to all the supporters as well as business partners who have traveled through thick and thin with The Group. The Group committed to continue providing the highest quality products and the best services to all the clients and subsequently contribute to Malaysia’s economic development.